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ProMinent Iberia, S.A – Oficina de Portugal
Ed. Torre Brasil
5º andar, Gabinete 501
Rua Comissão de Iniciativa nº 2 - 2 A
2410-098 Leiria

Phone: +351 244 070 190
Fax: +351 244 070 199

Executive Board: Prof. Josep Gussinyer Galceran (CEO)

Sales tax identification number: ESA17225178
Registered office: Argelaguer
Register Court: Girona

Headquarters of ProMinent Group
ProMinent GmbH
Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11
69123 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221 842 0
Fax: +49 6221 842 215

Executive Board: Prof. Dr. Andreas Dulger (CEO), Dr.-Ing. Rainer Dulger, Thomas Koetzing

Sales tax identification number: DE143452683
Registered office: Heidelberg
Register Court: Mannheim HRB 331350

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